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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Tanner Development

We thought the case was closed on Tanner the kitty's latest transgression. After all, he confessed. However, today's mail brought a new development.

"This is weird," my husband said when he brought in today's mail. He handed me this letter:

The envelope had been sent from Roanoke. Inside was a card that looked like Tanner.

The card was (allegedly) from Tanner and he wrote he was forced to confess under duress. "I am innocent," he wrote. "I am good. I like dirt." The note was supposedly notarized, but it looks like a forgery. Very suspicious.

Tanner was even a bit surprised by the card. He sniffed it but didn't admit that it was from him. How could he have gotten to Roanoke to mail it? He is a rural cat, not a big city kitty. Very suspicious.

He pondered the card for a while while I went into another room.

When I returned, I discovered Tanner and Dylan were doing catnip. 

How could they have gotten fresh high quality catnip? Did Dylan sneak it in and attempt to corrupt Tanner? Or might the catnip have been hidden in the envelope and I just didn't notice? Again, very suspicious.

Dylan has been a user for some time now. He insists he doesn't do it very often, though, and only to help him cope with stress. (However, in the interest of blogger journalist integrity, it should be noted that a border collie has commented on Dylan's behavior in the past: here and here.)

Anyhow, it didn't take Tanner long to be affected by the feline recreational drug . . . 

Before long, tell-tale catnip flakes were scattered over the carpet, and Tanner was obviously high.

The following pictures were taken as evidence that Tanner is not as innocent a kitty as his fans claim.

It's obvious that he is indulging in a forbidden substance. And he's enjoying it!

He did momentarily stop and look around to see if anyone was watching him.

But the catnip's effects had taken hold. Before long, Tanner passed out. He obviously cannot hold his catnip.

Tanner's explanation of his obviously stoned appearance: I only chewed it a little because it looked like a healthy salad. I didn't inhale!

A likely story!

 Meanwhile the investigation continues. It is possible that Tanner might have to seek professional help.



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What fun!

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