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Monday, July 01, 2013

Cat Work

Warning: This post involves cats.

"There's a lump in the sheets," Tanner said.

Chloe and Eddie-Puss confirmed that there was indeed a lump. And it was moving. Tanner might have jumped on it a time or two to see if he could mash it down.

The cats formed a committee to study the matter. On closer inspection, Chloe was pretty sure that the lump was her brother.

Jim-Bob didn't like being ratted out by his sister.

He soon joined the others on top of the sheet and decided to get back at Tanner for jumping on him.

Tanner was soon busy straightening the sheet.

After Tanner was done, the quilt was put back in place. Then Jim-Bob noticed a lump.

Everyone had a pretty good idea who it was. 

After Tanner came out, he found the bed made to his satisfaction. "I don't see any lumps," he said.

So he turned his attention to fixing the window arrangement in the study. He thought the stuffed cow needed rearranging but he couldn't quite reach it.

Then he didn't like the way the curtain was hanging. "Well, that's easy to fix," he said. 

But the other cats decided not to get involved.



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