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Monday, February 02, 2015

Ground Hog Day 2015

Despite predictions for bad weather today—rain or sleet—the clouds parted and let enough sun through to cast shadows.

Since we had really strong winds today, I doubt many groundhogs came out. This morning when I went out to feed the horse and barn-cats, I saw something I'd never before seen on Groundhog Day. Do you see it?.

A rainbow!

It wasn't raining and hadn't rained for over an hour. But the rainbow was there.

The sky did look ominous toward the east, though.

Jim-Bob must have seen his reflection in a puddle, but I don't think he was looking for his shadow.

As Chloe made her morning patrol, she didn't seem to notice the rainbow either.

She's looking westward here. I'm not sure what she's looking for, though.

But she kept looking.

I'm glad I was lucky enough to see the Ground Hog Day rainbow! You never know what you'll see if you look around.

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Blogger CountryDew said...

That shot of the cat walking towards you by the bird bath is terrific. The rainbow pictures are great, too. Love rainbows.

8:00 AM  

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