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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Civil War Skirmish

Today's warm weather and blue skies made a good day for a battle—so we went to see one. OK, not a full battle—a skirmish. More specifically, a re-enactment of the Battle of Boydton Plank Road at Gethesmene Baptist Church.

The rural church was on a hill. The battle would be down the hill (r.).

We were able to park close to the action, a good thing since I'm still having sciatica problems and I sometimes don't walk too well.

My cousin Anthony Chitwood was there to fire his cannon, assisted by his wife, Ilieta. This was the first time I'd seen her in uniform.  

There was a small encampment nearby. While taking this picture, I heard a shot from across the Rt. 116—black powder season started today.

Some soldiers did a bit of practice before the skirmish.

On the "battleground" was a stump with a fairy door. I don't think many fairies were actually involved in the Civil War.

Before long, the soldiers took their places and prepared for battle. I had a great seat on the front porch of the church.

Before long the yankees opened fire.

The cannon made a lot of smoke! Wonder what the hunters across the road thought when they heard that. The cannon uses black powder, too.

The rebs advanced a bit closer.

So did the yanks.

While they fired at each other from pretty close range, there were no casualties.

Before long, the yankees had captured the rebels.

But the cannon got it one last volley.

After the battle, the re-enactors chatted with the spectators.

I had a pretty good time and was able to get around better than I thought I would. 

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