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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moonshine Express 2011

This afternoon, I went on the Franklin County Historical Society's "Moonshine Express" tour, where we rode a vintage bus through Rocky Mount. At stops along the way, costumed actors boarded the bus and enlightened us about the local moonshine industry.

Bald Knob is behind the Municipal Bld. parking lot where we departed.

"Moonshine cars" were on display.

Once everyone was on the bus, our guide—Doris Eames—filled us in on the local moonshine culture. Franklin County is the "Moonshine Capital of the World."

Then the bus started rolling and characters got on at selected stops. I don't remember all of them or their names, but here are some photos:

The gal in the above photo told a story of a revenuer who came to her hosme and asked where her father was. "Pa's at the still," she said. "Where's your mother?" "Ma's at the still." "How about your sisters and brothers." "They're at the still too." "Well," said the revenuer, "I'll give you a dollar if you'll show me where the still is." The gal held out her hand, but the revenuer told her he'd give her the dollar when they got back. "Mister," she said, "if I show you the still, you ain't comin' back."

Bobby Radford sings some moonshine songs.

Emily Rose Tucker portrayed Willie Carter Sharpe, queen of the rum runners.

Rex Stephenson was Will Rogers.

If you ain't from around here and want to know a little more about Franklin County's moonshine heritage, the Blue Ridge Institute has a nice online presentation: "Moonshine: Blue Ridge Style."



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