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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tanner's Snow Day

A Guest Post by Tanner the Kitty

I heard on TV how kids are getting snow days because of the weather. I think it means they have to stay inside. I stay inside all the time, so I will share some of my activities on this snow day in case the kids you know need something to do.

You can invite a friend over, but I hope your friend is better than this one who has no purrsonality whatsover and doesn't even move unless you push him. But if I try to push him, Mommy puts him out of my reach. I do not understand why because it's not like he would fall very far.

You can rassle. I like to rassle with my bestest friend George. (Chloe used to be my bestest friend but she ain't anymore because she smacks me too hard.) George has a big bald spot where his hair had to come off so the vet could fix something called an abscess that happened because another kitty bit him. 

It wasn't me who bit George. I think it was Radley who lives outside all the time. Mommy said if George didn't try to micro-manage the other kitties, he wouldn't get bit. I don't bite George much. Mostly I either smack him or kick him.

Sometimes I just give him a look so he knows how tough I am.

Sometimes I just walk away because George is a lot bigger than me.

You can climb into your kitty condo and play with the thingie that adjusts the blinds.

The thingie has a rubber end on it that comes off if you pull on it.

Sometimes you have to pull really hard.

If pulling doesn't work, you might have to use teeth.

It took me a while, but I finally got that rubber end off. I might have lost it again. Mommy doesn't like it when I lose it.

Sometimes you can invite a friend to share your condo. Only I didn't invite Chloe because she ain't my bestest friend anymore. She just takes over whenever she pleases.

I have spoken to her about her bad habit of taking over, but she doesn't pay any attention. 

Maybe I will blame Chloe when Mommy finds out I lost the plastic end of the blind thingie.

Or maybe I won't. Chloe might whip up on me if I did that.

Anyhow, I hope I gave you some good ideas on what to do on a snow day. 

But don't tell Mommy that I lost that plastic thing. Again.



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