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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tanner's Ouchie

A guest post by Tanner the Kitty

I got bit last week. My ouchie looks kind of bad in this picture because it was still fresh, but it has gotten a lot better.

I'm not telling who bit me because I am not a snitch. Mommy has it narrowed down to either Jim-Bob or George, and I have to admit they are the two likeliest candidates. Here is a picture of me with George and Jim-Bob. We are sleeping in laundry that Mommy just dumped on the bed.

Chloe and Camilla aren't suspects because they are smackers rather than biters. And Dylan wouldn't leave tell-tale puncture marks. He would do something devious.

Jim-Bob has been known to throw me around if he thinks I am getting into his space. Once he threw me against the wall and scuffed my head a little. So he is a likely suspect.

George and I rassle every day and sometimes we get a little bit  rough. It is easy to see how George might have bit me by mistake. Or maybe even on purpose if he thought I was winning. So I can see how Mommy considers him a suspect.

But I am not telling. I am not a snitch.

Mommy kept messing with my bit-place because she didn't want it to get affected like George's bit place did a couple of weeks ago, which cost her $$$. I didn't much like her cleaning it out. The cleaning was worse than getting bit. Anyhow, here's how my ouchie looked yesterday.

I try to think of my bit place as my red badge of cattage.



Blogger Barbara Roberts said...

The world is so violent already that I really expect better from the cat community. But whoever the culprit, I am glad Tanner is healing and I hope he is not plotting revenge. Enough!

7:47 PM  

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