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Thursday, May 29, 2014

What the Heck?!

No cute kitties will appear in today's post. Maybe next time.

In today's mail there appeared a letter to my mother from Bank of America. I was a bit surprised because Mama hasn't received any mail here for nearly a decade. Here's the main part of the letter:

Apparently, she has "opted out of postal mailing offers" from Bank of America, but the company wants "the opportunity to share product and service offers" with her so she can have "the benefit of considering them." If she doesn't contact them to opt out, Bank of America will keep sending her "product and service offers."

This ain't gonna be easy, Bank of America. But I'll give it a shot.

For one thing, my mother never ever used a computer, so she wouldn't comprehend the concept of "drop down menu." She's not going to call them toll-free, and she certainly won't be visiting a nearby banking center. She's never had a "Financial Advisor" or "Mortgage Loan Office." She never had a mortgage. Apparently Bank of America is clueless about all this.

Bank of America, if you're reading this blog, there's something you should know: My mother was born in 1913. You do the math. Since she died in 2004, she's not going to take the time to evaluate her mailing preference, regardless of whether or not they "affect statements of account servicing communications." She doesn't have an account with y'all!

So, Bank of America, you can take your appreciation of the opportunity to service her financial needs and you can—well, I'll bet you can figure it out.

Don't you think it's maybe time you updated your records? Just sayin'. . . .



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