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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mud-lucious Morning

We had a big storm rain last night, complete with lightning and thunder and heavy rain. Even though this morning was sunny, all the already saturated bare spots had turned to mud—especially in the kennel. As e. e. cummings might say, "the world is mud-lucious."

A very muddy Maggie greeted me at the gate this morning. The other two kennel dogs sensibly stayed inside the dog stall.

Of course, Maggie was ready to play. She always is. This morning she chose the mud-covered yellow squeak toy for me to throw.

I slipped and slid my way into the kennel to serve breakfast to the three residents. But first I had to throw Maggie's toy. She fetched it from the high grass (organically fertilized by the canine residents) and I threw it again. And again.

For Maggie, part of the fun is the search for the thrown toy. While she searched, I served breakfast to Harley and Hubert.

Meanwhile, in the adjoining run-in shed, Cupcake was allowed out of her stall for the first time since Friday.  She had to stay in during the heavy rains to keep her bandaged hoof dry. (Note that her right front hoof sports blue Vet-Wrap covered by purple duct tape. Her shaggy coat sport shavings from the stall.)

It wasn't long until Cupcake was up the hill and grazing.

Meanwhile, Melody—who covets Cupcake's stall—ran in to see if Cupcake had left any uneaten snacks.

Cupcake, however, continued grazing.

And that's how this mud-lucious Sunday morning began.


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