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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Merry Month of—Maggie Mae

by Maggie Mae Mushko (border collie)

I really do have a right eye. It's just in shadow.

Twas in the merry month of May
When green the buds were swellin’.
—"Barbara Allen" (English folk song)

About time I was taken for a good run! It’s been a couple of weeks. Oh, Mommie says she’s been too busy what with all the committees she’s on, or it’s been too rainy, or something. Excuses, excuses. But today was the perfect day for a run. Everything was so green.

The humans thought this fern was so neat. I thought, "Big deal!"

Anyhow, Mommie’s friends Karen and Julie came to walk the farms, and Hubert and I got to go along. I’ve known Karen for a long time (she talked to me the time I was lost) but I’d never met Julie, who is from the UK, where some of my ancestors are from. I liked the way she talked. Plus she said Mommie’s courtyard looked like an English garden. So, I could tell she was a good person.

I had thought I would be the only dog to ride in the truck to the farms, but that rascally little beagle Hubert slipped out and loaded into the back of the truck—but it took him a couple of tries to get in. I, of course, loaded on the first try. Border collies are perfect.

On the way to Polecat Creek, Mommie pointed out the Carter graveyard where fireballs are said to come from a grave (though Mommie has never seen it and neither have I) and Hainted Holler, where the ghost of Jesse Chapman roamed during the 1840s and later a ghost horse supposedly roamed. I didn't see anything worth chasing.

The humans wondered if this was phlox. I wondered why they even cared.

On the farm, Hubert and I ran, but we didn’t stray far from the humans. Being a good doggie hostess, I was careful to make sure that everyone had lots of opportunities to throw my ball for me before we started our walk. Mommy wouldn't let me take it into the woods. She said that she didn’t need to hear all that squeaking while we walked.

That's Hubert in the background. we're on the trail here.

We walked (well, the humans did; Hubert and I ran) down to the bottoms where everything is green. Really green. I soaked in the creek a couple of times. It was wonderful! We crossed the creek where Mommie found Hubert when he was a tiny puppy and went into the creepy place. Some of Mommie’s friends say it is haunted, and we did walk through some strange-feeling places. No bad. Just a little odd.

Don't the woods look enchanted?

We went through the place where Melody had once panicked and bucked off both Mommie and Daddy in 1997. We went near the fence where, fifty feet on the other side, the biggest marijuana raid in the area took place in the early 90s. We walked along the horse trail.

I'm on the trail. Hubert and Karen are in the field.

The humans looked at all sorts of plants, but Hubert and I tried to sniff things out. Before we left Polecat Creek, I played frisbee with Karen.

Then we went to Smith Farm, and Hubert and I explored some more. I chased a buzzard that was near the cabin, but it got away. We went up the hill to the old cemetery and looked around. I tried to take my squeaky squirrel, but Mommie took it away from me.

I had a pretty good time. Mommy needs to take me for a run more often.

And she should let me carry my toys.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it!
What is it with Border Collies and Aussie's and carrying stuffed animals!!!Mine does it and my brothers,too!Sorry I missed the walk..lets try for a re-do ...maybe on my land this time?

9:35 PM  

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