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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Prime Writing

My writing is getting out a bit this year. While I contributed to an e-book Self-Publish Your Book: Authors Share Their Experiences, that came out in February and received my contributor’s copy, the ebook is no longer listed on the web. (Can I say I was published in a very limited edition?) A Cup of Comfort for Writers (with my essay) and It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (with my dreadful “Worst Western sentence) will be both be out in August. I’m pretty sure I’m going the POD route with More Peevish Advice—Thursday I sent the manuscript to the copyright office for registration. With a little luck, I’ll have More Peevish Advice in print by the time the tourists return to Smith Mountain Lake.

I’ve also sold some writing-related articles Prime Living, a regional magazine for the 50-plus crowd, The February print issue contained my article on blogging. This month, “Blogging to Adventure” is posted on the Prime Living website.

The March Prime Living has a picture of my Lake Writer buddy, Sally Roseveare, on the cover. She work-shopped her article about her hot air balloon ride through Lake Writers and a bunch of us encouraged her to get it published. That Sally is both afraid of heights and a grandmother of ten makes her article especially interesting.

Sally is also one of the bloggers I mentioned in the blogging article, and she’s also my Beta reader for my middle-grade novel-in-progress. She has an eagle eye for spotting typos; I just can’t see my own typos. A mystery writer who can contrive intricate plots, Sally is a big help at spotting my plot inconsistencies, too. Maybe, with her help, I’ll have my novel written by this summer. I wanted to have it finished for the CNU Writers’ Conference because I have an appointment with an editor. My New Year’s resolution was to have two-thirds of it finished by July. I’ve got five chapters done, so I may yet achieve my goal.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on writing.



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