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Monday, July 09, 2018

Alfreda's Kitties

by Alfreda (who used to be he youngest resident cat)

I don't know nothing about raising no kitties!

So I don't see why I had to be the one to raise the two refugees that Mommy took in last month. Tanner should have been the one to raise them because he has more experience, but he said that raising Arlo and trying to raise me was enough. Arlo just flat out refused. He said his artistic temperament doesn't allow for interaction with kitties. So I have to raise Otis and Charlotte whether or not I want to. (And I don't!)

I had to show them how I used to play with this cat-stick that Mommy used when she tamed me.

They got the hang of it pretty quick.

Otis really likes it! It is still my cat-stick, though. I don't want to share it, but I guess I have to.

However, I reserve the right to play with my own cat-stick by myself if I want.

Sometimes I stand back and watch Otis and Charlotte while they play on their own.

Or when they cat-rassle. Sometimes I jump on them while they rassle, but then they kick my head.

Sometimes I watch close—like when Otis plays with a toy mouse. I like real mice myself, but the kitties don't have my experience.

Sometimes I have to think inside the box to deal with these kitties.

They are a paw-full.




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