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Monday, December 21, 2015

Refugee Kitty

A guest blog-post by Tanner (resident kitty)

For a while, a little homeless kitty has been seeking refuge around our house. In early November, he'd come to the front porch to eat the porch-cat's leftovers. I could see him through the window.

I saw him many times in the yard where he usually hid in the big bush by the road.

That is not a safe place for a kitty. Plus there are coyotes across the pasture. All kinds of bad things could happen to a kitty there. But that was not my problem.

Mommy started feeding him. When she rode her golf cart out to feed the outside cats, he started coming to the golf cart and she'd leave food for him. For a while, he wouldn't let her touch him. Then, one day, he did.

I am a very astute kitty, so I could see what was coming. You can't bring that kitty in here, I told Mommy. Too many kitties live here. We don't have room for any more.

"We'll make room," Mommy said. "I can almost touch Arlo."

Oh, no! She named him! He'll eat our food, I said. There won't be enough food for the rest of us.

"I'll buy more," Mommy said.

He's not like us, I said. I am long and thin and have multiple-colored hairs. Most of the other cats who come in the house have tabby markings. That kitty is black and white. He's different.

"Two old black cats already live here," Mommy said. "And the barn-cats are black and white. All colors of cats are welcome here."

We don't know where he comes from, I said.

"You came from the dumpster," Mommy told me. "But I didn't leave you there. I brought you home and fed you and gave you toys and that big cat condo. And before you came here, George hid out in the bushes so scared that no one could get near him for weeks. But he tamed down just fine, and he's a hard-working cat. And he's your friend."

Hmm. She had me there. George is my bestest friend.

And I love my condo. But I was supposed to be the last kitty, I told her. You're getting too old to take care of more critters. I heard you say so!

"Circumstances change," she said. "And winter is coming. A little homeless kitty shouldn't be out in the cold weather."

 He might be dangerous. He might attack us while we sleep. I sleep real sound.

"You're a lion among cats, Tanner," Mommy said. "You can defend yourself."

We'll that's true. And I can roar.

So, on the afternoon before the temperature went so low that night that Melody's horse tubs froze over, Mommy grabbed the little refugee kitty and brought him inside. At first, he had to stay isolated in the downstairs bathroom, but it wasn't long until she let him out to meet me. He wasn't very friendly to me, and he probably doesn't know much about the ways of the world, so I will have to teach him.

I showed him my cat condo and he went to sleep in it. I had to check on him to make sure he was OK.

Arlo likes toys, so I shared some of mine with him.

I had to show him how to play with the big feather.

 I finally let the little kitty share the sofa with me.

And before long, I snuggled Arlo. And I washed him, too.

I guess we might as well keep him.



Blogger CountryDew said...

Very sweet. What a nice gift.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Claire Bobrow said...

This is a charming and heartwarming story! As one of the Reiders pointed out, this is begging to be a children's picture book. You really have something here - great characters, great voice. Thanks for sharing!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Inspired Traveler said...

Wonderful story! Would be a great children's book with the real photos!

8:37 AM  

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