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Friday, September 15, 2017

A Place in the Sun

by Tanner

Today was a good day to stretch out in my place in the sun and play with a big feather that my daddy gave me.

He said it fell out of a turkey. The turkey didn't come back for it, so it is mine now.

Anyhow, right in front of the sliding glass door is a purrfect spot fot a cat. My cat-tower is nearby, and I can look ot the door and watch stuff. And the sun shines in real bright, so it is a good place for a cat. Also, I can push things under the chair if I want to keep them safe.

I like to rub my face all over the big  feather. That makes it mine.

I rub it on the back of my head, too. Sometimes my kitty Arlo wants to join me. I raised Arlo from a little bitty kitty, and he is a big cat now.

When Arlo first came here, I had to teach him how to play with a big feather. I wrote about it in this blog post from two years ago.

After Arlo got tired cuddling with me, Alfreda (who is Arlo's kitty) came along to see what I was doing. She wanted my big feather, but I wouldn't share because she would tear it up. 

Alfreda tried to distract me by looking out the window like there was something out there I ought to see, but I didn't fall for her trick.

Finally Alfreda and Arlo left me alone so I could enjoy my big feather and my place in the sun all by myself.



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