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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kitty Tale

by Arlo, second-in-command house-cat to Tanner

My mommy went to the Read Local event at the Salem Museum a week ago where she and a bunch of other people were selling their books. (You might remember that I have helped Mommy promote her books before, but she didn't take me with her to help. Which was fine with me because being outside scares me. But that's another story.) Here is what her table looked like:

Anyhow, she came home with a book just for me! It is a book about a rescue kitty.  See— it's called Cat's Tale of a Rescued Kitty! A cat named TC Eichelman wrote it.

 I was a rescue kitty myself. Mommy rescued me in 2015, and you can read about it in this blog-post: "Refugee Kitty." She also also rescued a bunch of other cats besides me—Olivia (Chloe and Jim-Bob's mama) in 2009 ("A Cat Tale"), Tanner ("Latest Addition") in 2013, and Alfreda ("November SOTK") last fall—and a lot of others, too. Since so many of us in the household are rescue kitties, stories about rescue cats interest me.

I liked it that the cat on the cover is a tuxedo cat just like me. I think tuxedo cats are the best! In his book, TC told about he was thrown out of a car window and how he was rescued. He went on to have a good life (just like I did!). I like books where kitties have happy endings.

Like me, TC doesn't like to go outside and he likes boxes. Like me, he also has some toys he likes to play with. However, he doesn't live with any other cats the way I do, so he didn't have another cat  raise him like Tanner did me. Like me, I don't think he remembers where he came from (Tanner once tried to tell me about where I came from in this blog-post: "Arlo's Origin." Tanner could probably have wrote that as a book, but he is kind of lazy and prefers to hi-jack Mommy's blog instead.)

Anyhow, I really enjoyed reading TC's story, but I hadn't quite finished when Tanner and Chloe decided they wanted to read it. So they took it with them, and I will have to sneak it back when they aren't looking.

If you have a kitty who wants something to read, you might get him this book. TC's mommy and daddy want to make people aware that rescuing cats is a good idea, and this book might help.

And, if you are interested, you can see pictures from the Read Local event at Mommy's friend's Blue Country Magic blog.

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