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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jim-Bob's Doppelgänger

Because I feed Potter, the elusive porch cat, on a table on the front porch, some of the other cats—and an occasional possum—have decided that a buffet is open there daily. I have two tables from which cats can dine—one with plates and the other less formal. My study window overlooks the buffet, so I can usually see who's dining there.

Since most of Jim-Bob's cat work is done in the front pasture and under the pines, the front porch buffet  is especially handy for him. He stops in for a snack several times a day.

The other day, I looked up and thought I saw Jim-Bob having brunch.

But there was something not quite Jim-Bobish about the cat I saw. See the face?

And the shoulders?

This is Jim-Bob's face—no orange on his nose.

And Jim-Bob doesn't have so much white on his shoulders.

Here's a closer look. You can see that Jim-Bob's ears are circled in white.

The other cat has different ears.

If you take only a quick look—you might think that Jim-Bob has a doppelgänger. But I'm thinking Jim-Bob and this kitty are kin. 



Blogger SteamyPhilospher said...

Hahahah I think that Jim-Bob has found a very smart tag team plate buddy! Could not Love this article more Becky <3 Much Love and tons of Kitty Smooches for All of Your Furry Adorable Ones!

Carmen <3

2:24 PM  

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