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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mulberry Down

When we first moved here in 1999, there was no mulberry tree in the back yard. Apparently, not long after we came here, a bird dropped a seed and nature took its course. The two halves of the resultant mulberry tree provided lots of shade in summer, but it was also blocking the view of the ginormous holly.

Jim-Bob the cat considers that section of the wall his office.
He took off when he heard the chain saw, though.

I didn't like the way one side leaned over the yard. Every year it seemed to lean more. Every year or so, my husband trimmed back some branches on its downward side, but still the tree leaned. I decided the leaning half should go. Best to cut it when we don't have to deal with leaves. Hubby fired up one of his chain saws and had at it.

Soon it was down—sort of.

Before long, a lot of trimmed limbs decorated the lawn.

The remaining half looked pretty good by itself. And the missing half's trunk yielded a lot of firewood.

Hubby took a break on the stump I asked him to leave so the cats could have a place to sit. The firewood is piled and ready to dry.

The trimmings will go down the road to the farm, where they'll provide shelter for little critters.

A sitting stump, firewood, and a potential shelter—we didn't waste anything.


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