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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Window Treatment

by Tanner (Youngest Resident Cat)

To all my cat friends in cyberspace: I want to share some decorating advice. Is the window treatment in your person's study boring? I can help you fix that. First you got to get to it.

I have mastered the art of climbing up the window. It is not all that hard, but I've been practicing a lot. I do not like how my mommy draped a hunk of chiffon over the curtain rod and put stuffed animals on top of it. It looks predicable and cluttered. In  the picture below, I had to put my high-beams on to get a good look at what I needed to do.

Luckily she has a wooden box of books on top of a shelf. It's a good place to sit while pondering my next move—and while making sure Mommy is doing something else so she won't disturb me while I'm working. 

I do not like that big black stuffed panther. It is too big for me to play with. First I will pull that curtain-y thing back a little to see if I can get the panther down. 

I also like to play with those cords from when something called draw drapes hung there. (That was before my time.) My mommy had tucked the cords away so I wouldn't yank on them. Well, I pulled them out of hiding, and then I got that panther by the tail.

It didn't take long for me to throw that panther on the floor. I think that opens up a lot of space as well as making a decorating statement. I think I'll open up even more space. A few pulls should do it. 

After I removed the curtain, I looked up to check my work. You should always stop every so often and make sure you're getting the desired effect. 

If your mommy notices you've been what she calls a "Bad Kitty!" you might want to hide for a bit. Luckily, I blend right in with the stuffed horse and the little stuffed sheep.

I felt a little crowded, so I kicked the sheep overboard. It can visit the panther on the floor. Now there's more room for me. I thought I should lay low for a while in case Mommy noticed I was improving her design. Before you start decorating, you might want to make sure there's a place you can hide in case humans don't like what you're doing.

After the coast was clear (Mommy was busy doing something else), I came out of hiding. Do you think the curtain makes my tail look fat?

You should always check your work when you think you've finished. Before I get down, I make a quick check to see if everything suits me. It does. 

See how much better the window looks? The curtain's swag effect adds just the right ambience. The exposed cords give an industrial overtone to an otherwise insipid design and makes it much easier for me to get to them. With the sheep gone, the book box isn't nearly as cluttered and has more room for me to get into it. Notice how the arrangement of big sheep on the curtain rail now balances nicely with the horse in the book box.

Looks like my work here is done. For now.



Blogger Shayron O'Shea oshea said...

Uz my hero Tanner. Uz the best dezine cat inz world. Iz lub the new look. It opez the room up soz much. Country Sheekz. Furboulous! Iz soz glad todecidez torid the room of stuffed pantherz. Yor Mommie haz a sense of humor wiz the pather facin the ober sheep it was a scary thought. Like the idea of hidin places in yor dezine, so creative. Lob the drape effect with the antiquz window pullz for winder drezzing. Yu can seez through them but youz can still sezz them if you want to play. WOW Tanner gob job! ~Kitty Kat

8:57 PM  
Blogger CountryDew said...

Tanner you did a nice job. I'm glad you found a patient mom.

6:52 AM  

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