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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Old Christmas 2013

Today, January 6, is Old Christmas—when elderbushes bloom, ghosts walk the earth, and animals speak.  An hour or so after sunrise, the southeastern sky looked like this:

Not many celebrate Old Christmas anymore that I know of. I first became aware of it a couple of decades ago when Roy Helton's "Old Christmas Morning" poem was in the 8th grade lit book I taught from. I blogged about the poem (and other things) in 2007. I recently found a dramatization of it on YouTube.

In 2008, I posted pictures of Maggie playing with her favorite toy. Like today, January 6, 2008, was unusually warm.

In 2009, I posted Helton's poem again on Old Christmas eve. On Old Christmas day, I posted some pictures of the night sky.

In 2010, I posted pictures of clouds and wrote about reuniting a lost dog. For some reason, I didn't post about Old Christmas in 2011 or 2012. It's time I got back to it.

Today's sky, with its spectacular clouds, looked more like a painting than a real sky. The picture below is a more southerly view of the morning sky.

And this picture was taken a few minutes after the one above.

I didn't have any elderberries, but I did have some vinca that bloomed today . . . 

 . . . and some luminaria bloomed beneath the holly tree.

If Melody said anything at midnight, we'll never know what it was. I wasn't about to go out at midnight to visit her. This morning, she nickered for me to feed her but didn't say anything else.

If ghosts were about today, I didn't see any.

Merry Christmas!


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