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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Morning With Cats

This morning, I carried my camera with me when I went to get the paper. The flowers near the mailbox are getting a bit shabby, but they're still colorful.

On the way back, I noticed that my Natchez White crape myrtles are blooming. I bought them cheap at an end of the season sale in 2008, and they're finally getting some size to them. Across the road, the corn is growing higher.

 Halfway back to the house, I stopped at the gazebo where my first cup of coffee and Chloe the kitty awaied for me. Chloe likes to sit with me while I drink my coffee and read the paper.

Chloe usually amuses herself by playing with the wisteria. This morning was no exception.

Soon Camilla joined us.

After I finished the paper and my coffee, I checked out the sunflowers growing beside the pergola.

Soon Camilla checked them out too.

The sunflowers are volunteers, sprouted from seeds the birds dropped.

Soon Jim-Bob came to the pergola.

Camilla was busy checking under the other bench.

Soon Chloe came by.

After Chloe and Jim-Bob left the pergola, they visited the Rose of Sharon.

Jim-Bob observed the gladiolas in that vicinity  . . .

. . . and decided they'd be a good place for him to hide.

Meanwhile, his mother Olivia basked in the sun in the upper driveway . . . 

. . . and Dylan, the senior male cat of the household, hid under a table on the deck.

That's how this crisp bright morning began—with cats and coffee and a visit with my flowers.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a pretty post and a pretty sight your yard and flowers are. Lazy mornings with a trip down the lane and a cup of coffee always make my day. Enjoy... will be very hot very soon. ugh.

2:41 PM  

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