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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mystery Move

Friday morning, I went out to feed the critters and noticed our Rubbermaid storage bench had mysteriously moved. Normally it's up against the house. You can see the light spot on the deck where it usually is. Notice the water dish beside it didn't move.

So where did it go? It stayed on the deck but moved and turned. This is a pretty substantial bench, so how it moved and turned is a mystery. Was it a high wind?

Granted, Thursday night was windy, but the wind would have had to come through the brick wall and then make a sharp left turn to put the bench in its resting spot. That seems unlikely.

Also, a lightweight plastic chair that normally rests against the rail—and often blows over—was bturned over against the bench. So the wind that overturned the chair would have come from the opposite direction. Hmmm.

Something doesn't add up here. How did the bench get moved? It's a mystery.

And the bench isn't talking.


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