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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What a Difference

. . . a day makes.

On Monday—Groundhog Day, John and I explored the back boundaries of one of our farms. The weather was unseasonably warm—60! We hiked to parts of the farm that I'd not seen before.

One place I'd never seen was the old Davis cemetery, just across the barbed wire fence that marks our boundary. Field stones mark the half-dozen or so graves. Sometime later, names were added to cement blocks in front of some stones. A gnarled tree guards the graveyard.

Here's a slideshow that shows the graveyard. (Yes, that's Maggie investigating.)

Something odd happened on the way up to the cemetery. We had to climb some steep hills with ravines between. Maggie and Hubert ran ahead—as they usually do—and disappeared into a deep ravine. Suddenly both dogs yipped/shrieked/made dog equivalent of a scream and came running toward us at top speed. For a moment, Maggie glared back at the ravine. What could have scared Maggie? She's pretty fearless. (We didn't go down for a closer look.)

After we visited the cemetery, we went to our back boundary where we have some big timber.

I was really tired from the climb and had to sit on a log to rest. Maggie sat with me. (Hubert rolled and rolled in something foul.)

On the way back down, Maggie and Hubert sniffed through the woods. Can you find both dogs in the picture below?

Near Polecat Creek, Maggie checked a groundhog hole. If the groundhog had come out to see his shadow, he was gone now. Maggie gave the hole a pretty deep sniff. Nothing. Then she checked the other entrance. Nothing again.

Yesterday morning was cold and snowy—hard to believe that the day before was so warm. I guess the groundhog's prediction is right. Winter is back.

This morning was bitterly cold—and the forecast is for even lower temperatures tonight. Winter is back with a vengeance.

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Blogger CountryDew said...

We did have quite a swing in weather, didn't we. And it's going back the other way for the weekend, I understand.

5:59 PM  

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