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Monday, November 03, 2008

Maggie Turns Three

by Maggie Mae Mushko (three-year-old border collie)

Yesterday, for my third birthday, Mommy took me and Hubert to Smith Farm for a run. Daddy was already there. He was mowing weeds and moving hay.

Before I loaded into the truck with Hubert, I did a bit of herding by making a tight run around Cupcake who was eating hay up in the pasture. However, she ignored me. That old horse just doesn't do herding. It's no fun for the herder to herd if the herdee refuses to be herded.

Ruby Sherwood, my little yellow friend from across the field, watched us load and chased the truck for a while. Yesterday must have been National Roadkill Day in addition to my birthday. Within a fifth of a mile from home, we saw a dead fox (a big one!), then a doe, and finally a possum. Mommy wouldn't stop so I could inspect them. Ruby stopped chasing us to sniff the fox.

At the farm, we played ball for a while. Then Hubert and I took to the woods.

Before long I was in Standiford Creek, which is very low. It was even dry in some places, but I found all the good water spots.

Even Hubert joined me in the creek.

After we'd soaked, we started through the woods. You can barely see me in the picture below. (Hint: my white tail looks like a white dot against my black body.) Heck, you can hardly see Hubert. He blends right in with the woods. (Hint: he looks like a log right above the middle of the creek.)

I found a few interesting things to inspect, but we didn't find any little critters. Or even any big ones. I looked high and low.

I even looked in some holes. Nothing here.

But I took time for another soak in the creek.

Hubert and I had a good time, even though we didn't find anything to chase. I still wish Mommy had stopped to let us sniff that fox in the road, though.

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Blogger Claudia Condiff said...

rolling on the dead fox would have been nice too...thats what Penny thought...

10:33 PM  
Blogger Becky Mushko said...

Some of it's still there. Penny can have it! (I can just see Penny and Hubert fighting over who gets to roll in it—since they like to roll in the same spot at the same time.)

11:24 PM  

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