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Monday, October 20, 2008

Early on One Frosty Morn

Last night we had frost. This morning, I looked out the front door and saw this:

I love the way a pocket of mist hangs in the air and how the rising sun turns the jet trails pink. Many jets must have gone over Smith Mountain Dam before sunrise.

Planes based in Virginia Beach practice maneuvers here and then fly west to pull up over Ferrum Mountain. I've been told they use the X shape of the Ferrum College Chapel as a marker. When I used to teach at Ferrum, my class was sometimes interrupted by the scream of a low-flying jet streaking past. Lately, we've had a lot of planes go over here.

A few minutes later, the sky looked like this:

The jet trails were white again and the mist had lifted. I wasn't the only one who saw this from my porch. Ruby the dog from down the road was on the front porch and watched with me.

Most mornings, Ruby chases her owner's car down the road and then stops here on her way home. Often she "knocks" on my door to tell me to get out and feed the horses and dogs.

Ruby is a sweet and sociable dog. Since she's been patrolling the neighborhood, I haven't seen any coyotes. Her greeting is always a nice way to start the morning.

Especially a frosty morning like this one.

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Blogger Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I never noticed that Becky. Interesting.

When we lived in Ferrum, one day we had the old horse Doc on the outside cross-ties. I was lifting a back foot to clean it and Kurt was just walking behind him. Suddenly, a fighter jet exploded out of nowhere. It was so loud, we thought we were getting bombed, I dropped the horse's foot and we both ran and ducked. A window cracked on the chicken house, that's how loud it was. When the dust settled, I looked over and there was Doc, eyes half closed, still on the cross-ties, taking a nap like nothing happened. That's why Kelly rides him.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Becky Mushko said...

It's amazing what doesn't bother horses. Friday night, toward Union Hall were loud fireworks with big bursts of color. I figured I'd better go out in the dark and check the horses. I looked in the shed where I figured they'd hide. No horses. I checked each round bale—maybe they'd be so busy eating that they would tune out the noise. No horses. I walked to the far end of the pasture. There they stood, side by side, calmly watching the fireworks display.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Marion said...

Sadie Mae figures it is part of her job to bark loudly and scare away the jets...BTW: Be sure to check out Fred First's blog. He posted a picture of his house all lit up to greet him as he returned from a week-long conference. The picture is amazing!

10:50 AM  
Blogger Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Aw, now too bad you didn't take a picture of THAT!

10:36 PM  

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