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Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Literary Week

This week is devoted to literary and historical stuff.

I'm busy for the next few days writing a freelance story about Smith Mountain Lake arts and culture. I've finally accumulated enough notes to fill out my outline, and I've tossed ideas back and forth inside my head for a few days.

Wednesday, a letter by a disgruntled reader will appear in the Smith Mountain Eagle. Seems the gent is offended that my humble column, "Peevish Advice," makes certain county residents appear to be "country bumpkins." I won't scoop the Eagle by posting the letter here yet. However, Wednesday afternoon, I'll post it and give my side.

Thursday, I'll go to Roanoke to swill coffee and indulge in literary chit-chat with 'Nita before I go to the Valley Writers meeting.

Friday, I'll go back to Roanoke to hear Sharyn McCrumb speak at the Roanoke County Library. I'm working on a freelance story about being a Sharyn MCrumb groupie. This will be the third time I've heard her speak since late April; I'll hear her again at the James River Writers Conference at the end of the month.

Saturday, I will go through Roanoke on my way to Salem to Peggy Shifflett's Cottage Curio. Dick Raymond, a fellow Valley Writer, will read from his book, Blue and Gray Ballads, a collection of Civil War poems, and Peggy's sister-in-law will demonstrate some of her down-home cooking. Marion Higgins, a fellow Lake Writer, will ride in with me.

Sunday, I'll remain in the county, but attend the Holland reunion. One of my distant cousins (whom I've never met) called me a few weeks ago and invited me. I descend from Peter Diggins Holland (1785-1833), whose father Peter Holland (1750-1836)—a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War—once captured three Tories at a party in Bedford and delivered them to Americans. I hope to learn a lot more family history.

This should be a most interesting week.



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