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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Writing

The past five days have been filled with more writing activities.

Last Saturday, for example, I traveled to Fredericksburg with two other Valley Writers to attend a regional meeting of the Virginia Writers Club. Since the meeting would be at a fairly new community college, I packed my trusty laptop in anticipation of Wi-Fi. (Note: Those of us on dial-up relish the chance to partake of the joys of wireless Internet service, i.e. YouTube, etc.)

However, the college didn’t have Wi-Fi! Instead, it had state-of-the-art restrooms with toilets that flushed automatically whether you wanted them to or not, faucets that turned on automatically and turned off before you finished washing your hands so you had to wiggle your hands around to get them to start again, and automatic paper towel dispensers that didn’t give you enough on your first or second attempt. But no Wi-Fi! I would rather stand in line for a porta-pottie as long as I could get online.

Monday and Tuesday, I worked on my mid-grade novel, tentatively called Stuck. I think I’m finally getting somewhere with it.

Today, Rocky Mount Writers met in the Franklin County Library (which does have really fast Wi-Fi!), we shared some ideas, critiqued a bit, and recommended writing books to one of the librarians. I couldn’t linger afterwards, though, because I had to hurry home. My husband called the library to tell me my horse vet was coming early. Anyhow, Cupcake and Melody are officially vaccinated for the next year.

Tomorrow will not be a writing day. Both the carpet cleaner and the farrier arrive at the same time tomorrow morning. Lake Writers was supposed to have a lovely and tasteful ceremony for the winners of its essay contest tomorrow evening, but most of the kids who won or placed have prior commitments. Consequently, we decided to cancel.

Friday, Lake Writers will meet, some of us will do lunch afterward, then I’ll go to the Smith Mountain Eagle open house where I’ll be Ida B. Peevish for a few hours.



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