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Monday, January 29, 2007

Stupid Redneck Tricks

I should have known the local rednecks were planning something. Things had been a bit too quiet now that deer season is over. Also, whenever my picture appears in the local paper—and it did about a week ago in a story about my serving as vice-president for the Virginia Writers Club—someone cuts up our lawn.

Mr. Redneck (he of the false warrants against my husband) from down the road has been walking past about the time I feed and water my critters in the late afternoon. He has plenty of acreage of his own to walk on—and the road does run another mile in the opposite direction, but for some reason he has to walk by us. On Thursday, his older brother accompanied him part-way home in his pick-up truck. Once Mr. Redneck was safely past our property (Was he frightened that I might brandish the hose at him as I watered the horses?), Big Brother turned his truck around and headed home. Yesterday morning, Mr. Redneck walked past again—carrying a very fancy walking stick (much classier than the wooden one he used to carry last summer). Yesterday afternoon, I noticed J*r*my the milk-truck driver who had “questioned” a neighbor of mine who was on my property to see my horses on January 6 and who has harassed me numerous times, drive past a couple of times. (Note: Winter is finally here in Virginia. I spent much of the day inside, but we have a large window on the world—and the road.)

Sunday evening, after I’d fed the critters, Maggie and I went down the road to the farm. She ran, herded turkeys, and dived into the creek. I walked and shivered. I pulled my truck into our upper driveway about 5:30. All quiet.

At 7:40, I took Maggie out. She always pees close to the flowerbed but then likes to walk to the mailbox and back. Even though it was cold, I decided to let her walk.

As we neared the mailbox, at first I thought I saw animal’s body in the driveway. A possum maybe? Too dark to tell.

When we got closer, I saw it was a big hunk of sod. Under the dusk to dawn light at the where my driveway meets the road, I could see the cut-up places in our lawn and the slung gravel in the driveway. Someone in a truck (wide tire tracks) had made a big circle around our mailbox.

I went in and called the sheriff’s department. I hate to bother them for trivial stuff, but I think I need to leave official documentation of harassment.

Anyhow, here are the latest pictures:

The big blob to the upper right is what I thought was a dead animal.

Just across the road are the folding chairs that they placed there months ago.
Click to enlarge the picture, and you'll see them to the right of the stop sign.

We’re pretty sure this was J*r*my’s work. A couple of years ago, my husband saw him drive around the mailbox but was too far away to catch him.

Anyhow, if your village is short an idiot, we have a surplus here. Want one?



Blogger Andrew said...

What a pain. It's too bad when you have to deal with people who spread misery around for no good reason.

Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

10:21 PM  
Blogger CountryDew said...

Yikes. I'd hoped you were done with that for a while. What a trial.

2:58 PM  

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