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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Snow 2018

Even though it's spring, last night's snow made this morning look like winter. We were expectrd to get from 2 to 5 inches here, but we got between 3 and 4. Here are some pictures I took:

First thing this morning, the world was blue and foggy. In this view from my front porch, Smith Mountain is barely visible at the right. Below, fog hides the road.

The back yard:

The driveway. The glow above the car is the rising sun.

I drove the golf-cart out to feed the barn cats. I wasn't sure the cart could make it, but it did. See our tracks in the side yard?


I took the road back to the driveway. Those wet-looking places are ice, I was surprised how well the cart did on ice. 

I didn't see any cows in the pasture beside the road.

An old border collie waited patiently in the driveway while I took pictures. Those small tracks in front of her are cat tracks.

Looks like there won't be any peaches on my little peach tree this year:

Nice to see that blue sky!

There's a road out there somewhere:

This isn't a good day to sit in the gazebo:

Here comes the sun! Let the melting begin.

Not a good day to sit on this bench either:

This looks more like a seascape with crashing waves than a view of the field across the road:

 The back yard again—this time with sunshine:

Let the melting commence! 

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