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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Arlo's Art

by Arlo (Tanner's Sidekick)

Since Tanner interviewed me about my art, I have been working on more creations. I have moved from newsprint to the brown paper that comes in the box with Mommy's books. I like the texture better and it coordinates well with the paper bags I sometimes use in my disassmblages.

I have my current disassemblage exhibit installed in the front hall which makes a great gallery and is easily accessible. Plus I have room to run if I want to. Check out these pictures, and you can see how my art has evolved in the last few weeks.

Notice how I have used the brown paper as both a contrast to the rug as well as an integral part of it. The twisted paper provides a counterpoint to the flat rug—it rises above it and reaches out—but the rug anchors it and holds it captive.  But bits of the paper have escaped the rug's confines and are scattered on the carpet to symbolize parts leaving the whole to become entities of their own.

I am also working some of my possessions into the composition. In the picture above, to the right is a little black toy mouse that symbolizes creatures who haven't been ensnared by the paper coils.


Notice how I juxtaposed two toy mice with the paper bags. This detail is from the far end of my disassemblage.  I think it means—well, whatever you want it to mean.

Sometimes I have to do a bit or rearranging, so my disassemblage makes the statement I want it to make. 

I try to look at it from several angles.

Sometimes I have to get inside of my art to truly understand it.


 I'm always reaching out for new ideas.

It takes a while to get it just right before I let any art critics—like Tanner—see it.

But I'm usually proud of my finished—Wait! What's happening here?!

Tanner, did you put Mommy's books in my art? I do not like having my art photobombed by someone else's creation! It's going to take me a while to disassemble everything again.

Maybe I'll just lay low until Tanner leaves.  He does not appreciate art.

Comment from Tanner: "Arlo is NOT my sidekick. He usually kicks me in the head when we cat-rassle. And maybe I did put Mommy's books in what Arlo calls his art. And maybe Mommy did give me a few cat treats to do it. But Mommy put a lot more work into her books than Arlo does in whatever it is that he does!"

P.S. from Tanner: "You can buy Mommy's book here."



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