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Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Advice for Cats

by Tanner (Chief Household Cat)

Because of the big snow, some of the mostly outside cats have had to stay inside. The snow started before daylight on Friday morning.

Later in the morning, I watched it getting deeper on the deck.

Chloe wanted to go out and do her cat-work, but she did not like what she saw.

This was the first time that my kitty Arlo ever saw snow, so I tried to explain to him what it was.

He noticed that snow falls from the sky. I already knew that.

Finally he got bored watching it. It took him longer to get bored than it did me, but then I've seen snow before.

He tried watching from another angle, but it was still boring.

The boxwoods by the front porch got covered. I would not want to be out in the snow.

Any cats who tried to go out didn't get far.

I called a meeting of the other cats and told them I only knew of one way to get through this mess: We would sleep through it. So that's what we did. George and Chloe took one end of the sofa . . .

. . . and Camilla curled up on the other end. 

Sometimes Jim-Bob balled up tightly . . . 

. . . and sometimes he slept looser.  But he slept.

On Saturday morning, things were even worse outside. Mommy said we got a foot of snow, but I looked at my foot and it was way shorter than the snow. I think we got at least three or four cat feet of snow.

There was a big snowdrift in front of the garage door. So everybody kept sleeping, except for Daddy who had to go feed the barn critters.

Arlo and I occupied the bed, and I showed him different sleeping positions that I have used in the past. I thought one of them might work for him, but he is a short roundish kitty, not a long tall elegant cat like I am.

So this is how we're coping with the snow.

You don't even have to be a kitty to try it.

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