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Monday, July 21, 2014

July Scams & Tales

Nothing like having scam emails pop up on your computer.

Four appeared this month. How do I know that this Discover Card warning isn't for real?

I don't have a Discover Card. And the real Discover Card folks would use better grammar. And, instead of "Discover Card Management," there'd be a person's name.

How about this one?

Well, Billy Moron, you're not going to hear from me. I don't have a marketing or sales campaign, so I'm not targeting anyone. If you "guarantee 100% accuracy," then why did you send this to me—I'm not the customer you're looking for. And, really, you should work on the spacing in your emails. Looks like your has been copied a few times.

Maybe you know Courtney, who enjoyed "looking through" my "nice website" (although I doubt she looked at it):

First clue this is scammy: I'm not a webmaster. Second clue: the vagueness: "I have some good quality sites on a related subject." What, dear Courtney, is the subject of my website? I'll bet you don't know because odds are good you never even looked at it.

Then there's the spacing issue—is she perhaps writing free verse? And her grammar—Arrggghhh! No way am I "exchanging links" with someone as ungrammatical as she is.

Then there's this one: Vasilina's subject line caught my eye because I do not remember ever meeting a live person (or an animal) named Vasilina, although I do remember a fictional character of that name.

Uh, Vasilisa, you are so targeting the wrong person! Didn't my name tip you off that I am not the man you seek? Or did you send this to a whole batch of "contact details" you'd bought from Billy (see earlier scam)? and hoped you'd find someone stupid enough to fall for your ploy get lucky? 

I hope a "sightly, smart, kind, and responsible" person like you has better luck elsewhere or at least learns to set up your emails so they don't look like free verse (see Courtney's email above). 

By any chance are you this Vasilisa (also found here)? She's a fictional character as I suspect you are. She appears in several books, including these two:


The first book is for sale here; the second, here. Like you, the fairytale Vasilisas are "sightly, smart, kind, and responsible." And therein lies a tale—er, a tail—attached to a cat who is checking his email.

But Dylan is too smart a kitty to fall for an email scam.



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