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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Big Snow

The snow that started last Wednesday is the third largest snow on record since 1912—at least for Roanoke, which got more snow than we did in Penhook. Our total was about 12 inches, judging from the yardstick I attached to the deck rail.

The snow didn't look like much at first.

As the day progressed, though, more snow fell. By early afternoon, with about an inch on the ground, my husband parked the tractor in the upper driveway.

Soon more snow accumulated and our driveway was covered.

Even though our road was a mess, we drove down to the barn to feed. Walking would have been way too difficult. Here's how the road looked as we drove back.

By Wednesday night, the front porch was covered and snow was blowing under the storm door.

On Thursday morning, the round bales in Melody's pasture were covered. But Melody's tracks showed she'd been eating from them.

More snow fell on Thursday, and again we had to drive to the barn to feed. The county roads were so bad that the newspaper and the mail weren't delivered. 

On Friday, my husband scraped the driveway and part of the road.

The boxwoods out front were still covered.

Cats couldn't get out to do their cat-work.

But late Friday afternoon, the sun came out.

. . . and later the moon rose.

Saturday morning was sunny. We finally got the newspapers for Thursday and Friday along with Saturday's paper.

A little snow melted, but what remained still made cat-work difficult.


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Blogger Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You're funny--the "cat-work."

10:21 PM  

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