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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Snow

We originally weren't supposed to get snow from the latest polar vortex or whatever it's called—just bitterly cold temperatures (again!). But last night, there was a chance of snow predicted. It wouldn't amount to much—a dusting, maybe. This morning, when I fed the barn critters, it wasn't snowing. However. . . .

A few flakes fluttered down as we drove the 14 miles to Kroger. The closer we got to Rocky Mount, the more it snowed.

While we were shopping, a school bus driver friend of ours got word that school was closing two hours early. When we headed home, a fine light snow was blowing. Before long, the dusting was here. Visibility was limited.

The house cats wanted out, then in, then out again—and back in. Jim-Bob really tried to go to the pasture to do his cat work, but had to settle for watching it snow from the front porch. 

Eventually, he came in to stay. Before long the driveway was white and snow covered the PTs.

I refilled the empty bird-feeders, and birds flocked to them.

Inside, in his favorite snoozing spot in the newspaper basket, a certain outside cat has come in from the cold.

Meanwhile, it's snowing harder outside. And the current 17-degree temperature is supposed to drop lower for tonight. 



Blogger W. Latane Barton said...

Great post. Loving hearing about your ventures out into the snow. We are supposed to get snow very soon, that system coming up from the deep south. Keep Jim-Bob warm. Got an idea he can take care of himself.

3:37 PM  

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