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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mattress Moving

by Tanner Dempsey Mushko
(the housecat)

Mommy has been having back problems, so she got herself a new mattress and I had to help move the old one out of the bedroom. Dylan was supposed to help me.

But he didn't. I pushed and pushed the old mattress, but Dylan didn't help one bit.

He just hung on and let me do all the work.

He wouldn't even help lift it.

Finally, I got the mattress into the hall. I was so tired I had to take a nap.

I looked back to see if I forgot anything, but I hadn't.

When I got it past the bathroom, I thought if I pulled on the door, I could get a little leverage to move the mattress better.

When I got it around the corner, I stopped to look at the picture. That picture has a dog and a puppy in it. It would look better with a cat. I will have to get another picture to hang there.

Then I had to get busy pushing the mattress again. Finally I got it past the living room doors.

Soon I had it at the front door. Now I needed to open the door, but it is not easy if you don't have opposable thumbs.

I pushed and pushed.

Finally, I had to go back and get help.

Soon the mattress was outside.

I went back to get the box spring.

The box spring looks kind of crummy because Chloe and Jim-Bob pulled the bottom cover off it when they were little kitties. 

I stopped to look sat another picture when I went down the hall. Maybe I dozed off.

The next thing I knew I was downstairs and the door was closed, so I missed moving in the new mattress and springs. But I had seen them in the lawn after Daddy had pulled them out of Mommy's truck.

After Mommy let me back upstairs, I checked out the new mattress. It was firmer than the other one. I like a soft bed, but Mommy said this one would be better for her back.

I helped put on the new sheets. I had to go under cover to get the job done.

My tail looks like a zipper.

But it don't unzip. 

I like these new sheets. My tan hairs will show up real good on them.

Maybe I can get used to this new bed.



Blogger CountryDew said...

That's a chore, changing out a mattress. I'm glad you managed so well Tanner.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Shayron O'Shea oshea said...

Oh Tanner yor such a big hep to yor Mommy! I waz so amzed at how strong you are. I bet ole Dylan just a sat ther lokkin fat. He don't lik to woke non do he?

I thinks yor right about those pictres of the dogs. I would change it to kats too. Dog pictre give me willies down my back and up my tail maks my fur stand on end.
I iz so glad yor waz a big hep to yor Mommie cause wid a bad back she couldn't done it wid out you.

I thinks yor prudy fur will match wel wid the shets. I kno if yor Mommies purrin bout the new bed it will be alrigh.

I kno you iz berry tird right now so you go rest and nap on Mommies new bed...Rest up real good Tanner cause I gots somethings to tell you directly thas gonna make yu hissin mad at's about that uggie uggie pussum better rest up wez gona have a go round in any event on that situaon I don lik his face Tanner not one uggie uggie bit! Thats all iz gonna say now cause yu iz tirud and woked hard an all. Kat nap ~Kitty Kat

12:48 AM  

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