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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Catfederate Skirmish

Just after dawn this morning, a cat-frontation occurred on the deck. The catingent of household felines exited their headquarters as they do every morning. Leader of the household cat brigade is Brigadier General Edgar Allan Puss.

Brig. Gen. Edgar Allan Puss in a formal pose.

But this morning, the security of their deck had been breached by an interloper—a certain beige cat that has been sighted several times recently.

Imagine if you will, a picture here of a deck at daybreak, with two cats faced off—to the left, an imposing black cat; to the right, a beige cat. Do the best you can with the image. I didn't have my camera handy. Sorry. All of the following pictures have been recreated for this post. Here's the approximate place the catfrontation took place, but Camilla (shown in the pic) wasn't in it:
Camilla marks where the catfrontation took place.

General Eddie-Puss, stopped the  invader in his tracks. Meanwhile, Corporal Jim-Bob jumped onto the rail to get a better look, while elderly lady-cat Camilla went undercover—or at least under a deck chair.

Camilla under battle-scarred deck chair.

Sgt. Chloe took one look at the beige cat and deserted, Capt. Dylan refused to come out of the house, and Pvt. Tanner was confined to quarters.

Dylan reading up on military maneuvers

It looked like the battle would be between Gen. Eddie-Puss and the invader. The two faced off. Neither would back down. Cat obscenities—or possibly challenges—were issued by both contenders. Would the aging Eddie-Puss be able to hold the line against a younger and more agile foe? Things looked bleak for the Catfederate army. Then help arrived!

Gen. George W. Catver

General George Washington Catver, leader of the garage regiment, marched in amidst much meowing. With Gen. George guarding his flank, Gen. Eddie-Puss was able to rout the enemy, who then took off at full gallop with the two generals in hot pursuit.

Whatever happened in the ensuing skirmish wasn't apparent, but the Catfederate army seems to have been victorious. The only observed casualty was a small flesh wound to Gen. George's ear, but the ouchie did not appear to be life-threatening. Later, Gen. George was able to hang the battle flag and do a victory march.

Meanwhile, Corporal Jim-Bob disguised himself as a small bush and waited to see if the invader would return.

Soon the deck was secure and Gen. Eddie-Puss could rest in the shade of the trees.

Gen Eddie-Puss rests after harrowing skirmish.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Chloe arrived to demonstrate evacuation tactics, should they ever be needed.

"We can climb up here," Sgt. Chloe said.

Camilla tried to abscond with the battle flag, but Gen. George stopped her and threatened to have her cat-martialed if she didn't return the flag.

"Give it back, Camilla!"

 Later, Eddie-Puss and Camilla revisited the scene of the skirmish.

There was talk of getting a marker to commemorate the Catfederate victory, but the cats don't have any money to buy one, so they'll write a song instead:

I wish I was in the land of catten,
Feline times are not forgatten,
Look away! look away!
Look away, Kitty-land!




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Too funny. Loved it!

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