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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prolific Writers Group

I've been in a one writers group or another since the mid-90s, but never have the members of a group published so many books in a year as Lake Writers. Below are the books; you can click the cover to go to the book's Amazon page.

Last March, Sue Coryell's cozy mystery A Red, Red Rose was published in both print and ebook by LLDreamspell, a small press.

In June of 2012, Ginny Brock's By Morning's Light was published in both print and ebook by Llewellyn, a mid-size commercial publisher known for its mind/body/spirit books.

In September 2012, Franz Beisser self-published (and self-printed) Red Solstice, a literary novel that gave a possible explanation for what might have happened to Franz's father during WWII. He used Kindle to publish the e-version.

A month later, Don Fink used a print-on-demand subsidy, XLibris, to publish and e-publish his novel, Escape to the Sky.

In January 2013, Fred Waddell, a retired college professor who'd been a Lake Writer before moving out of the area, self-published What Colleges and Universities Don't Want You to See: Confessions of a Rogue Scholar, a book he'd been working on while he was still in the group. (A ebook version had been published in June 2012.)

The back of Fred's book gives you a good idea of the content:

Also, in January 2013, I republished my 2001 self-published novel, Patches on the Same Quilt, as an ebook through Kindle Direct.

In February, Betsy Ashton's novel, Mad Max: Unintended Consequences, was published and e-published by small press Koehler Books.

At one time or another, parts of the above books were workshopped through Lake Writers. Some of the above books were read in their entirety by a few members who served as Beta-readers and gave critical input.

Writers who aspire to be published should consider joining a writers group (or establish one if none exists in their area) for encouragement and support.. Fellow members who have been there/ done that can give advice and input. Unpublished members can act as a test readership for a book.

If you live in the Smith Mountain Lake area, we'd love to have you attend our meetings. Check out the Lake Writers website and Facebook page.


Blogger Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I wish I could see what's on the back of Fred's book since Kelly is getting ready to go to college. I guess I'll to dig it up.

Anyway, sounds like Lake Writers has been really helpful to a lot of people. I enjoyed going when I lived there.

10:16 PM  

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