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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

BTW Monument—Part I

I haven't blogged for a while because I've been busy. This past week, I was busy as literary coordinator of the 2nd Annual Mountain Spirits Festival; the weekend before I attended the Harvest Time Event at Booker T. Washington Monument on September 22 and the Civil War Days on September 23.  

At the Booker T. Washington National Monument on Rt. 122, the first thing my husband and I saw was the garden.

Costumed interpreters told us about the various vegetables grown on the old Burroughs Plantation.

Flowers were also grown in the vegetable garden.

A picket fence kept unwanted critters out.

The vegetables—and other food raised on the plantation—was cooked by Booker's mother in the kitchen. When we visited the kitchen, more costumed interpreters were frying chicken in the fireplace, preparing vegetables, making cornbread, and performing other cooking-related chores.

All cooking was done with period-appropriate implements.

Furnishings—like this bench—were sparse. Baskets were used to gather vegetables.

Not far from the kitchen, someone had done laundry.

Elsewhere on the grounds were crafters in costume . . . 

. . . and woodworker's tools of the period.

The original Burroughs plantation house, which no longer exists, looked like this:

There was a lot to see. Stay turned for Part II.

Meanwhile, you can see pictures of the Authors Tent at Mountain Spirits here. Before long, I'll blog about Civil War Days.



Blogger R.M. said...

How great is that! Love the pics, can't wait for Part II

4:31 PM  

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