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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Washer Woes

On Friday evening, our 1994 KitchenAid washing machine stopped agitating and spinning. I'd tried to do a load of laundry, but everything was still soppy because the machine's spin cycle didn't seem to work. Over the past few days, I'd noticed that the laundry I put in the dryer had been progressively wetter and required a couple cycles to dry.

But Friday was the worst. The clothes were so water-logged, I could hardly lift them. Oh, woe! Then a test run revealed it wasn't agitating either. Woe again! Figuring the washer was pretty close to death, I was lamenting that I'd have to spend big money to replace it when my retired electrical engineer husband decided to see if he could fix it.

On Saturday morning, I returned from feeding the outside critters to find the washer and dryer moved from the laundry closet into the kitchen, a bright shop-light shining into the washer's innards, water on the floor, and a tool-brandishing hubby intent on some sort of appliance mayhem.

During the next hour or so, he managed to pretty well dismantle the ailing appliance. I mopped up the puddle.

An impressive amount of tools (only a few are shown in the picture below) were required to help diagnose the problem.

After some exploratory surgery on the comatose machine, he found some problems. A gizmo that does something or another inside the agitator thingie had some deformed-looking toothy thingamabobs.

And this whatsis wasn't in the greatest shape either.

He checked the Internet to see if he could get replacement parts. (Note: For this purpose an iPad is essential because you can have it right there beside what you're trying to fix. Saves walking back to the other room to use the computer.) 

Indeed, parts were available. Ordering online would take a couple of days to get the parts though. . . 

Before ordering, he checked a local source less than 10 miles away. The place had 'em! Off we went to Palmer's Electronics in Glade Hill.

While hubby got the parts, I checked out new washers just in case. Nearly $700 for a fairly basic one I liked!? Aarrgghh! The replacement parts only cost $24.26. But would they work?

After a trip to Tractor Supply (a special on cat food!) and the Purrfect Treasures shop (for what I bought at Purrfect Treasures, see here), hubby transplanted the new parts. It took a while. The first resuscitation didn't go well. The water wouldn't cut off after it had reached the level where it should, so I had to mop up a pretty substantial puddle. (I won't go into details, but lots of towels were involved.) The washer still wouldn't agitate either. Hubby messed with it some more, re-connecting a tube and other stuff.

Finally, he revived it. I washed a load of towels, and the washer did its thing. It agitated and spun. It also leaked a little water onto the floor, but that water could have been left from the earlier overfill problem.

Then I redid Friday night's laundry, and that seemed to go pretty well. Finally, he moved the washer back into the laundry closet where it belongs. 

Now I'm noticing the 1994 dryer seems to take longer to get stuff dry. . . .  


Blogger CountryDew said...

It is better to try to fix the older things. The new stuff is not worth taking home. Good work.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Anita is right. The new machines are junk. You know my family is in the appliance repair business and we often throw out the new machines because they're not worth fixing. John did an awesome job!

I bet you have, but just in case, make sure the hose is clean and not clogged or kinked behind your dryer.

6:53 AM  

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