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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Melody at 23

Today my mare Melody Sundance turned twenty-three. She is in her golden years . . .

. . . especially when the setting sun hits her just right.

I bought her when she was five. For the last decade, she's mostly been a pasture pet because various health issues (hers and mine) prevented me from riding. Her favorite pastime is eating.

This morning I served her breakfast as usual. 

She scarfed it up as usual.

After breakfast, she went to the pasture to graze—as usual—but came back later.

She parked herself in front of the fan, as she usually does every mid-morning. So far, her birthday was pretty routine.

To celebrate her birthday, I thought we should do something we don't usually do, so I dressed her in her best outfit.

A few days ago, my husband mowed the front pasture. A few days ago, I found my decades-old jodphurs which hadn't fit me for years. Since I've lost a lot of weight this year, they were actually a little baggy. In honor of Mel's birthday, I put them on. I put on my helmet, too.

I led Melody to the front field where my husband helped me mount. And then—well, here we go.

I didn't ride for very long. The riding muscles I used to have don't seem to exist anymore, and my legs felt like jelly. But I actually rode my mare, albeit for just a few minutes.

Happy birthday, Melody!

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Blogger Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday, Melody! :D

11:48 AM  
Blogger Sally Roseveare said...

I know you loved being on Melody again! And I'm sure she loved it, too. Great pictures--John did a good job. Happy Birthday, Melody!

9:02 PM  
Blogger R.M. said...

That is the most beautiful thing I've seen all year - it's hard for me to type this with misty eyes. Thank you for posting these pictures. Cowgirl Up!! xoxo

2:05 PM  
Blogger CountryDew said...

Happy Birthday, Melody! Yay Becky!

6:46 PM  

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