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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Melody's Morning

Because the clover has been so abundant this spring and because Melody came close to foundering while she had Lyme disease, she's been confined to a corral for most of the time. However, she's doing so much better now that she can go out for limited periods. I let her into the front pasture about 6:30 every morning and let her graze for an hour or two. She meets me at the gate when I go to get her.

She gets in a last bite or two of clover, and then she's ready to head back to her corral. I don't have to lead her; she knows the drill.

The flies are bad, so she swishes her tail as she goes.

Every so often, she stops to grab one last bite. 

Then she moves on again—toward the shed where her breakfast awaits.

She goes through the corral gate . . . 

. . . and down the hill to the shed . . . 

. . . where she eats her breakfast. I put on her fly mask and turn on her fan. She'll stand in front of the fan and snooze.

And that's how Melody's morning usually begins.


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Blogger CountryDew said...

Melody has a good life!

1:15 PM  

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