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Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Snow 2012

Last night, the first snow of this year—and this winter—fell. It wasn't much of a snow. It came as kind of a surprise, so there wasn't a mass rush to the store to buy bread and milk—or, in our case, cat food.

Not long after the snow started, I took this picture of the old PT's windshield. I shared the picture on Facebook—and on the WSLS-TV Facebook page.

Before long, snow dusting the red-bud's branches . . .  

. . . and soon coated the nandina.

This morning, the sun came out. But some of the snow remained a while—on our front lawn. . . 

. . . and in the pasture when I went out to feed the barn critters.

I don't think Melody was too thrilled with the snow.

Her tubs were frozen over, and snow dusted the ice.

After he finished breakfast, Sherman the barn-cat sought shelter.

His sister Spotz found temporary shelter. Can you spot her?

Spotz wasn't thrilled with the snow either.

It packed in her feet.

Before long, the sun melted the snow on the pampas grass . . . 

. . . but threatening clouds loomed over the house.

By the gazebo, snow covered the blooms on the rosemary bush.

When I was back in the house, I went on the Internet and there I saw my picture from last night:

The snow is gone now. It's sunny—but it's cold!



Blogger Cathy Kennedy said...

We were fortunate to not get any snow over the weekend, but it was sure cold enough. Brrr! This week the weather is predicted to be up & down. How crazy is that? I'm ready for spring!

12:23 PM  
Blogger R.M. said...

wOw - one of your pics makes it to the news broadcast! All the pics are great, and glad we didn't get any up North.

10:43 AM  

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