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Thursday, November 10, 2011

On to Richmond

Last Saturday, I got up way early and headed to Richmond for the annual meeting of the Virginia Writers Club. Since I had a book published this year, I was eligible to display, sell, and sign books, which meant I had to get to the Commonwealth Club before the general luncheon attendees arrived.

Richmond is one of my favorite places. I went to VCU back in the days when it was still RPI. I used to walk past the Commonwealth Club, which was a mile or so down W. Franklin Street from my dorm, when I went to the Richmond Public Library. I always wondered what it looked like inside, but women weren't allowed in those days. I figured it must be elegant.

The sidewalk where I used to walk.

This is the doorway to inside.

The long curving staircase is indeed elegant.

Here's another view of part of the first floor. Elegant.

This carpet is in the elevator.

Even the ladies' room was elegant. I love the pink-flowered wallpaper

The meeting was on the third floor. We were greeted by VWC Executive Director, Linda Layne.

Authors displayed, signed, and sold books here:

My books, Ferradiddledumday and Stuck are here.

Here I am beside Gary Kessler. I wonder who the orb is in the chair on the other side of me?

A former member of the Commonwealth Club maybe?


Blogger Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Okay, I admit it..... I am the orb. :-))

7:46 PM  

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