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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Collage Girl Scam

Another day, another scam.

This obvious and poorly constructed scam popped into my In-Box yesterday. Why didn't my spam filter pick it up? I've obliterated parts of the e-mail addies, but the rest of the e-mail is as I received it:

Now, keep in mind that a collage—er, college—student is writing this. But is it Rachelle or Christelle? Odd how the two names have such similar endings. . . . .

Her message begins:

Paragraph 1: No, it isn't surprising. I get a couple of these scam e-mails every week. So, you landed my attention from doing an Interent search for my e-mail address? How interesting. . . . 

Paragraph 2: So you were thrown on the street for reasons of an inheritance, but you still have internet access? How interesting. . . . 

Paragraph 3: So your dream is either to open a store that sells ready made garments, or maybe you want to store ready made garments? And your biggest dream is also to repeat your studies?  I don't know what collage—er, college—you attended, but you didn't do well in English language lessons, did you? Perhaps study of the English language is what you want to repeat?

I am aware—from info at the top of your e-mail—that you are a girl, so you don't need to tell me again. Unless maybe you aren't, but want me to believe you are.

Why would you ask my help without knowing who I am? Why is the "To" in your email the same Rachelle who sent it? Shouldn't it be to my e-mail addy? Unless, of course, you were sending it to a gazillion undisclosed recipients—that's what you did, didn't you? I'll bet you never even went through my profile.

The message continues:

 I'm still pondering the meaning of "it makes life of innocent once very difficult every moment by day" and "do you imagine can come from where my hope except in you." You really do need remediation in English.

Christelle (or whoever), do you have a last name?  There seem to be a lot of young women in your country who have financial problems. There's this one, who sent an e-mail to another blogger in 2007. Her e-mail is better constructed than yours and has pictures. Perhaps you two know each other? Or are each other.

No way am I clicking on that site!



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