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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Galax 2011

Again this year, I was invited to be among the Authors on Grayson under the tent in front of Chapters Bookshop at the Galax Leaf and String Festival. I had such a good time last year that naturally I accepted.

Galax is about two and a half hours from home, so it isn't a bad drive. In fact, it's a downright scenic drive that doesn't involve interstates but does involve crossing a mountain. I hate interstate but love mountains. Here's the view from Lover's Leap:

I stayed again at the Hampton Inn, which is very nice and only a few miles from where the festival is. It's also next door to a nice Tractor Supply.

Here's my PT Cruiser in the lot. On the other side of the fence is a cow pasture. Since my house is also across from a cow pasture, I felt right at home.

At the other end of the parking lot was this truck.

Here's the front view. I kind of wondered what this truck was used for—maybe what you'd drive to the Rapture. I didn't see it at the festival, though.

But at the festival, I did see a lot of folks under the tent.

Here's my display.

The activities were cut short on both Friday and Saturday by heavy rains. I left early Saturday afternoon before the rains actually hit, but I could see dark clouds behind me all the way home. I only experienced sprinkles  going over Rt. 58, but I hit a few light showers once I got to Rt. 220. When I reached Glade Hill—only a few miles from home—the rain was so hard I had to pull over and wait it out.

Apparently I'd missed some pretty spectacular storms while I was away.


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