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Monday, August 07, 2006

Horde of the Flies

One of the things you have to expect in summer on a farm is flies. This year, we’ve had a lot more than usual. By “a lot,” I mean hordes and hordes of flies. Millions! Gazillions, maybe.

My dog kennel adjoins the mares’ pasture and is a bout a quarter mile from the dairy farm’s cow pasture. Across the road is another cow pasture. Plus the kennel has food served al fresco twice a day and has the usual, uh, output of four and a half dogs. (Maggie, the designated house dog, is only a part-time kennel resident.) Naturally the kennel would be a fly mecca. But this year it’s seen a lot more flies than in previous years.

Anyhow, while buying horse feed at the Bedford Farm Supply, I saw this fly trap which purports to hold 10,000 flies. When I was paying for it, the clerk commented that this was the worst fly season he’d ever seen.

Ten days ago, my husband hung the trap from a limb on the kennel’s silver maple—high enough so Maggie can’t reach it. It’s now over three-quarters full—the fly level has reached the top of the label. I’m guessing at least 8,000 flies so far.

Anybody want to count ’em?


Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

I've got two of those here; the bunny barn attracts the wretched hordes. I haven't counted but they seem pretty full!

5:51 PM  

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