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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to Amuse a Border Collie Puppy

When my border collie Maggie was three months old (she’s seven months old now), she discovered that the bathtub was a wonderful place to play. Just in case any readers of this blog have border collies who need amusement, here are the directions for “How to Amuse a Border Collie Puppy”:

1. Turn bathtub faucet on.
2. Stand aside while border collie jumps into tub.
3. Watch border collie play with running water.
4. Watch border collie dig at the drain.
5. Keep watching border collie.
6. Wonder when border collie will ever get tired of this.
7. Turn off water.
8. Endure border collie's hurt and angry looks.
9. Order border collie out of tub.
10. Watch border collie jump out.
11. Start to leave bathroom
12. Watch border collie jump back into tub.
13. Turn water on before border collie figures out how to do it herself.
14. Repeat steps 3 through 13.


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