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Monday, March 17, 2014

Icy Day

Yesterday was springlike. Flowers bloomed and birds were everywhere, including more robins than I've seen before in these parts.

But a winter storm had been predicted for today. We were expecting anywhere from an inch to five inches of snow. However, we only got a dusting.

But it was a frozen dusting. Instead of much snow, a lot of sleet fell last night, and this morning the vehicles—and everything else—were iced over. The road was a ribbon of ice, but some robins were out nonetheless. Can you see them in the photo below?

Birds flocked to the feeders, which I'd filled late yesterday afternoon.

I couldn't refill the feeders today because the tops were frozen on, so I scattered some seed on the ground. Tanner really wanted to get himself a bird. When the occasional bird came onto the frozen deck, he leaped at the glass.

Jim-Bob was mad that he couldn't do his cat-work, which involves de-mousing the property. He went out several times, but had to come back in to dry—or maybe thaw—out.

Finally, he decided to sit watch on the front porch. But he wasn't happy that he couldn't go on patrol.

Meanwhile, Tanner gave up bird-watching. . . 

. . . and George decided to settle down for a late winter's nap.

I'd hoped that the iciness would melt by afternoon, but temperatures didn't get above freezing.

Except for venturing out to feed the barn and kennel critters, we didn't go anywhere. Looks like Tanner and George had the right idea.

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