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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Iggy Loomis

. . . a book review with a little help from the cats.

Recently I received a signed copy of recently published chapter book, Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training, by Jennifer Allison. Allison, by the way, is author of the wonderfully funny Gilda Joyce series that I discovered three years ago.

Camilla contemplates the cover.

While Gilda Joyce's target readership is middle grade girls, Iggy Loomis's readership is 2nd though 5th grade elementary school boys. To say the least, the book is a hoot—with some laugh-out-loud moments.

Jim-Bob takes a look inside. 

The story is told by Daniel Loomis, older brother of toddler Iggy Loomis and Iggy's twin sister Dottie. Iggy breaks almost everything he touches, including his bed and Daniel's toys. Daniel is not thrilled that he will henceforth have to share the bunk bed in his room with Iggy.

Jim-Bob decides he can identify with Daniel.
See this blog post by Jim-Bob for details.

The book has elements that young boys will enjoy: model-building (Planet Blasters), a bully (Chauncey who is hooked on junk food), bodily functions (Iggy pees on Daniel from the top bunk), classroom situations (note-passing, etc.), a strange neighbor boy (his family eats nothing but broccoli, he possesses a watch that can do amazing things), and—of course—a toddler who, through a strange series of events,  develops super-powers.

Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training, published in mid-September by Dial Books, is well-designed to appeal to young boys. Besides a first-person narrator and fast-paced action, the book also features graphic novel elements. Something for every cat—er, everyone.

Jim-Bob liked the illustrations.

Besides being an all-around fun and fast read, Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training would be a good gift for a boy who is exasperated by a younger sibling. The official Iggy Loomis website, that includes projects and science, is also worth a look.

Jim-Bob makes up to his annoying younger (adopted) brother, Tanner.
Oh, wait. This is his sister Chloe. Tanner took off.

So far, the cats haven't visited the website. They're already working on too many projects already—such as bed-making and being an office assistant and mattress-moving and helping with book reviews.

But they give the book two paws up!

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Blogger Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

The cats are so cute. Wish mine got along as well as Jim-Bob and Tanner.

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