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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Best Laid Plans & Ill Winds

I'd planned to go the Binding Time Cafe's bookfest today. I always have a good time at Binding Time events, and I looked forward to hanging out with some writer buddies. Yesterday, I packed the car with everything I needed to set up my display.

Last night, I had my clothes hanging up and ready. I put the iPad on charge. Because I haven't had much energy lately, I went to bed early with the clock set for 5:30 AM to give me time to feed critters and get ready.

I arose well before dawn, showered and dressed, fed Melody and assorted cats in the dark, got the newspaper, made breakfast, and packed a lunch. It had rained during the night, but was only misting as I put my lunch-bag in the car. A few minutes after 8, I left. I figured I had plenty of time to get there and set up before 9:45.

About two and a half miles from home, my car began going slower and slower. I gave it some gas, but it continued to slow down. I couldn't figure what the heck was going on, but I knew I should get off Route 40. When I turned onto a side road, the power steering went out and the car stopped. Luckily no traffic was on the road, so no one plowed into me. I turned off the ignition, waited a bit, and tried to start the car again. Nothing. I tried again. Again, nothing. The car and I were both powerless.

From the depths of my purse, I retrieved my Tracfone. Before I called my husband, I tried once more. This time the car started. I turned around and headed back home. I didn't want to get onto 220 and have the car stop again.

At home, my husband checked the car. There was some corrosion on the battery terminals (plus the battery is old), but nothing seemed out of sorts. His theory was that maybe some moisture had been the problem. I still didn't want to chance driving it on the highway—plus I'd be late getting there, so I decided to stay home. I figured maybe there was some reason I shouldn't be on the road this morning.

Meanwhile, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped a bit. We have a big storm blowing in—Hurricane Sandy—that'll be here in a few days. Already the governor has declared Virginia in a state of emergency. Throughout the day, clouds blew across the sky.

A lot of trees lost leaves today.

A few of my flowers have been holding on. They likely won't last more than a few days.

And the wind keeps blowing. An ill wind, no doubt. . . .


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