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Monday, May 23, 2011

iPad Rapture

I've been gone from the Internet for a couple of days, but it wasn't because of the Rapture.

While the world didn't end last Saturday, our phone service and DSL did. Thus, my Internet world ended—at least temporarily. I'd just gotten a new iPad, the day before, so my virtual world ended at an especially bad time.

Friday, we'd gone on a quest for a white iPad2. Hubby, who'd become so attached to my original iPad that I rarely saw it out of his hands, had seen a white one in a Bedford Wal-Mart on Thursday, but hadn't gotten it. He had, however, told me about the little gizmo I'd been coveting. We figured we'd head to Bedford right after the farrier finished trimming the mares that morning.

We called the Bedford Wal-Mart before we left. The white iPad had, alas, been sold. Then we called some other places—Best Buy, etc.—but no white iPads. When I'd been in a Roanoke Wal-Mart the week before, the guy in electronics said he'd have some white ones soon, so I figured they'd be in by now. We called. Nope. None to be had. We called the other two Wal-Marts in Roanoke and even the one in Altavista. Nope. Finally we located a white iPad at the Martinsville Wal-Mart and headed south.

It was still there! So—I bought it and headed home to get it synced. Syncing took longer than I thought, but by Friday night, it was good to go. I'd even downloaded the free version of "Games for Cats," so I showed it to the resident felines. They were enraptured!

Camilla thought it looked interesting.

Eddie-Puss and Jim-Bob were intrigued.

Jim-Bob intently watched the little red light zip around.
He knew he could catch it.

Before long, he racked up an impressive score.

I let the cats play with it for a long time. After all, I could use the iPad for net surfing the next day, right after we finished some farm-work of the manure-moving kind.

By early afternoon, several loads of manure had been moved via tractor from the horse pen to the farm down the road. I cleaned up and went in to enjoy getting my new toy onto the Internet. Then the power went out.

Yeah, the world was supposed to end, folks were supposed to get raptured upward, etc. But who knew that the phone would go dead and the Internet would quit?

We called the phone company. We waited. And waited. Later Saturday night, we went to the Dairy Queen two miles away to use their wi-fi to download e-mail. Surely, virtual life as we know it would return by Sunday.


On Monday when I went to the bank and post office (and to Dairy Queen with the laptop), I saw four Centurylink trucks down the road. Several guys were  fiddling with one of the connection thingies next to the Poindexters' cow pasture. I figured it would be fixed when I returned.

Nope. Meanwhile the kitties were really enjoying the game on the iPad. Especially Jim-Bob.

About two this afternoon, I was sitting in the gazebo and reading when a Centurylink truck pulled into the driveway. The driver announced that phone and DSL service were back.

Yep. They were. Now if Jim-Bob would just return my iPad. . . .


Blogger CountryDew said...

I am stunned to learn that cats play video games.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Becky Mushko said...

They're much better at video games than they are at board games. Cats are lousy at card-playing.

5:48 PM  

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